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Finncat Oy is looking for funding in order to secure the vehicle’s R&D and entering into markets.

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What is essential concerning X-country vehicles?

Snowmobile season

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Whenever and wherever you want to go off-road,
the answer is Finncat G2

Finncat is a lightweight All Terrain – All Seasons vehicle with two bending, steerable tracks. Thanks to its unique concept, Finncat is extremely capable of moving in different and difficult conditions, such as deep snow, rugged forest, soft swamps, sand dunes or hard soil. The vehicle isn’t turned by braking the inner side track, but rather by bending both tracks. That makes it very gentle on the environment. You can drive over vulnerable moss without causing any harm to it.

If you need to get off the roads for any reason, in winter or summer or both, Finncat is for you.

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