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Finncat is a lightweight All Terrain – All Seasons Vehicle with two bending, steerable tracks. Thanks to its unique concept, Finncat is extremely capable of moving in different and difficult conditions. We are now looking for future funding, so this is your change!


We receive a lot of inquiries about buying new Finncat vehicles. Unfortunately we are not that far yet. But keep your eyes on us, we’ll be there as soon as possible.

– Finncat team –

Invest in Finncat

EN / 28.8.2018 – Finncat Oy is looking for funding in order to secure the vehicle’s R&D continuation and entry into markets.

Sijoita Finncat:iin

FI / 28.8.2018 – Olemme hakemassa jatkorahoitusta turvataksemme Finncat kehitystyön, 0-sarjan valmistumisen ja yhtiön jouhevan toiminnan aina positiivisen kassavirran alkuun asti.

Finncat G2

Finncat G2 is our fully functional prototype that shows the power of unique bending and steerable tracks. All terrains and all seasons can be handled with ease.


See in action what Finncat G2 Prototype is able to do!


Introduction to Finncat G2


Driving on snow with Finncat G2 protype


Driving in summer with Finncat G2 protype


Want to be part of the All Terrain – All Seasons Revolution?

“Finncat is a new standard for moving off road with a vehicle! Finncat is a safe and high-performance partner for moving where other vehicles can’t go.”

Kalle Pohjola


“By thinking outside the box, Finncat is able to use tracks for both traction and steering. This innovation makes it possible to use vehicle all round the year.”


Finnish snowmobile magazine

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